Veronica Bratland


Veronica Bratland (University of Illinois Chicago)

Veronica Bratland (she/her) graduated from University of Illinois at Chicago with a masters in Biomedical Engineering in August of 2022. She also attended UIC for her undergraduate degree.

“Choosing to pursue higher education in Chicago means I have intellectual freedom. I get to choose what type of education I want to receive and where I would like to receive it from. Chicago has great higher education institutions with world-class faculty and cutting-edge research.”

“The reason why I chose engineering as my field of study was because all engineering practices seek to enhance one’s quality of life, however, what attracted me to biomedical engineering was that it can directly affect and improve people’s health and well-being.  The thought of being able to build something that could help those with disabilities is what excites me the most. I hope that after graduation I can join a company that allows me to fulfill my passion for improving the quality of life for many generations to come.”

Bratland is originally from Mexico City and cites the city’s supportive attitude towards immigrants and hard-workers as reasons for moving to Chicago.

“I also knew that by going to college in Chicago I could eventually join top companies in the biomedical engineering field after obtaining my degree. However, what really made me stay in this city is the people and the many different cultures that make Chicago a metropolitan city. I love the diversity of races, national origins, religious beliefs, ages, and economic ranges. I lived in Chicago to attend UIC and am still a Chicago resident.”