Riley Reed


Riley Reed (DePaul University)

Riley Reed (she/they) says that their experience going to College in the city has influenced the work and career path she intends to follow.

“Chicago made an indelible impact on me during my time at DePaul. Right when I got here, I realized that the city was my campus”

Reed plans to continue their social justice advocacy for Chicago Jewish and LGBTQ+ communities post-graduation, and hopes to promote sexual violence prevention initiatives through volunteer work.

“My goal is to advance equality efforts through non-profit work and eventually pursue a career in law. “

“During the time I've spent here, I've learned that anything is possible. I've met the most kind, caring people in a place full of industry and creativity that I couldn't have found anywhere else. Ultimately, I want to stay in Chicago because it's such an amazing, equitable and safe place to live.”