Mohammad Manzoor

A graduate of DePaul University

Mohammad Manzoor (DePaul University)

Mohammad Manzoor (he/him) always knew he wanted to go to school in the city.

“After choosing DePaul, I quickly learned that Chicago was my classroom.  Not only was the city integrated into many of my courses, but I immersed myself in the city's surroundings outside of class -- exploring coffee shops, discovering new neighborhoods and working in the financial district.”

Manzoor cites Chicago as the reason he had so many opportunities to land internships and get involved with community service. Manzoor, a double major in accounting and finance, has interned as a wealth management intern at Morgan Stanley and an audit intern at Deloitte. Manzoor also volunteered through nonprofit organizations.

“I’ve always wanted to live and work in Chicago, and I’ll be doing just that as I begin my full-time position at KPMG.  I like the hustle and bustle of the city, never sure who I might bump into on the street, the bus or train. And knowing that I won't ever run out of things to do.”