DaZay Green

DaZay Green (National Louis University)

DaZay Green (he/him)

As the third-largest urban center with the third-largest public school system in America, Chicago inspires many students to pursue a career as an educator. DaZay Green, a rising junior studying Elementary Education at National Louis University, chose this path to make a positive impact in the city he calls home.

For DaZay, being a student in Chicago means having access to robust support networks and caring communities that empower you to succeed, as they did for him. “Being a Chicago student means having that support system,” he reflected. “Chicago is a place for students who want to strive to improve and make a difference in the community. Trust me, thousands of people here are cheering you on, from your family to your neighborhood and your Chicago schools. It's fantastic to have that support system of people giving you opinions and different resources and information to use when feeling lost, or even when you have it all together.”

It all adds up to a strong sense of security for students.” Being a Chicago student means you will have support, love, and cheering in your corner. You will never feel like you're alone or by yourself because there's always someone there to help you when needed,” Green added.  

For students looking to make a difference Chicago offers an abundance of opportunity. After graduation, Green plans to give back by becoming an educator. “After graduating from National-Louis University, I plan to enter the education field to help those students who need the extra support, and who may feel lost or don't know where to start their future careers. I plan to change the education system one child at a time,” he said.

Green acknowledges that this career path will come with its own challenges, and that teaching is difficult work, but welcomes the challenges as an opportunity to leave a positive impact that will affect future generations. “It will take some work and be very challenging, but as a black man in Chicago who grew up in the education system, sometimes you have to take a stand to help our future children. What would you do if the city that you grew up in all your life and the education system never changed? Would you take the easy way out and leave, or will you stay and try to make a difference and an impact? I chose to stay because I knew I would be in the best hands.”

He credits the particularly strong educational curriculum at National Louis with preparing him for this role. “National-Louis University was founded on education, and I knew from their presentation that this school was where I needed to be. National-Louis has an outstanding education program and a team to support you as soon as you walk in those doors.” In particular, Green believes having more male teachers like him in the school system is crucial. “Education tends to lack male teachers. Hopefully, when I become a teacher, I hope to inspire other children, especially males, to become a teacher.”

Ultimately, Green believes attending school in Chicago allows you to become the best version of yourself. “I want people to know that Chicago schools are unique. They can help students with support resources and the different information needed for each student. Chicago schools believe in helping students thrive to be their best and lean on people when needed. It's where you can find who you are and be your best self.”